AP Insights: Making the Internet of Things work for journalism

AP Strategy Manager Francesco Marconi looks back at Technology’s Innovation Day and presents a few intriguing ideas for how media companies can incorporate connected devices into their reporting. Continue reading >marconi


Unique partnership will provide Paralympics content

AP Sports has entered into a unique partnership with student journalists from Penn State and the University of Georgia to produce  for AP distribution and local content frioor individual members.

In case you didn’t know, the Paralympics will be in Rio, starting a few weeks after the Olympics and the same venues. Members with local Paralympians or other local angles related to the event should send story pitches to John Affleck at jra14@psu.edu and Vicki Michaelis at vickim@uga.edu by Aug. 6.

Also, the University of Texas is sending student journalists to Rio for the Olympics in August to also cover stories of local interest for U.S. newspapers. Their stories will be sent directly to the requesting papers and not distributed by AP. Members can request localized coverage during the Summer Games in Rio by contacting Kevin Robbins at kevin.robbins@austin.utexas.edu with a cc to Barry Bedlan, AP’s deputy director of sports products, at bbedlan@ap.org.

AP providing automated recaps of minor league baseball

The Associated Press has begun providing automated recaps of Minor League Baseball games.

This expanded covbbmerage of the 142 MLB-affiliated teams will be made possible through an arrangement with MLB Advanced Media, which is providing the statistical data, and Automated Insights, which developed the technology that will be used to generate the recaps. AP has been using the same technology for the past two years to automate more than 3,000 stories about U.S. corporate earnings each quarter.

AP’s baseball editors and reporters have worked closely with Automated Insights to configure its software to conform to AP standards in baseball coverage.

The recaps, which will average about 150 to 225 words, will only be available to AP Sports subscribers, which means those entitled to the following products in WebFeeds: 100502 – Member Choice Sports Option or 100554 – Member Choice Z Sports Option.

The recaps will be found under the BBM slug (i.e. BC-BBM_Sounds-Storm Chasers) or, in AP delivery systems, by using the product ID code 45437 in AP delivery systems. (In AP Exchange, search productid=45437; in AP Newsroom, search .) If your newspaper isn’t already set up to get the full AP Sports feed in your content management system, your CMS manager will need to go to AP Webfeeds Manager and select the product “Automated Insights – Minor League Baseball” for ingestion.

The recaps will be provided for all games involving MLB-affiliated Triple-A, Double-A and Class A teams. This includes 142 teams that play in the following leagues: Pacific Coast, International, Eastern, Southern, Texas, California, Carolina, Florida State, Midwest, South Atlantic, New York-Penn, and Northwest. This means we’ll have recaps from at least one team in nearly every continental state. Over the course of the next year and the varying league seasons, we’ll be able to deliver nearly 10,000 game recaps.

This will NOT include any of the independent leagues at this time. Those include the American Association, Atlantic League, Empire League, Frontier League, Pacific Association and Pecos League.

For newspapers, the recaps will only be available under AP Sports (aka the Sports Option) and will NOT be moving on state lines.

Again, these game recaps will be generated entirely by using automation technology and that will be noted at the bottom of each recap for full transparency.

Please direct any questions or feedback to Barry Bedlan at bbedlan@ap.org or 972-677-2270.