AP details Olympics agate plans

AP will provide theolympic-rings following agate/results during the Olympics for all AP Sports subscribers. Members that do not subscribe to AP Sports will only get the Medals Tables and Olympics TV listings as part of the TV SportsWatch each day.

  • Full results for each event, including preliminary rounds/heats.
  • Glance for each team sport, including standings, where applicable, as well as scores and the schedule of upcoming games/matches.
  • Medals Table – An overall look at the medal standings – similar to the medal count widget available with the Summer Games DNE: http://bigstory.ap.org/sites/bigstory/files/summergames.html
  • Daily medalists list – Moves with that day’s medalists.
  • Multi-Medalists – A running list of all athletes that have medaled more than once.
  • Olympics Records – A running list of records set at the Rio Olympics
  • Daily Schedule – A daily rundown of the events schedule. Full schedules already are available under the slugs BC-OLY-2016 Olympic Daily  Schedule (by day) and BC-OLY—Olympic Sport-By-Sport Schedule (by sport).
  • Daily TV Listings – A daily rundown of the schedule TV listings. Full TV listings (subject to change) for the Olympics will be available in advance of the games before July 24. Listings also will be a part of the routine TV SportsWatch files during the Olympics.

Like previous Olympics, each file specific to a sport/discipline will carry a three-letter prefix code in the slug to assist with easier searching. This is similar to what AP does with all other sports. All Olympics-related content will have an OLY in the slug line and it also will include one of the following codes when about a specific sport/discipline. The only gender-specific codes are for basketball but slugs often also will mention Men’s or Women’s, when necessary:

ARC – Archery

ATH – Athletics (Track & Field)

BAD – Badminton

BKO — Men’s Basketball

BKW – Women’s Basketball

BIA – Biathlon

BOX – Boxing

BVL – Beach Volleyball

CAN – Canoeing

CYC – Cycling

DIV – Diving

EQU – Equestrian

FEN – Fencing

FHK—Field Hockey

GLF – Golf

GYM – Gymnastics

HNB – Handball

JUD – Judo

PEN – Modern Pentathlon

ROW – Rowing

RGU — Rugby

SAI –Sailing

SHO – Shooting

SOC – Soccer

SWM – Swimming

TTN – Table Tennis

TAE – Taekwondo

TEN – Tennis

TRI – Triathlon

VOL – Volleyball

WPO – Water Polo

WEI – Weightlifting

WRE –Wrestling


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