AP Sports Extra: U.S. Open pages available

The AP Sports Extra pages previewing this weekend’s U.S. Open golf tournament are now available in AP Exchange. The tournament starts Thursday, so the pages have a shelf life of six days.


AP Sports Extra pages are paginated presentations provided at no charge to newspapers that take AP Sports. The page is available in three sizes: full broadsheet, half broadsheet, and tabloid.

Each page also includes space for local advertising and/or local content. AP member newspapers have sold sponsorships around these pages to local golf courses, golf cart dealers, men’s apparel stores, banks and financial advisers.

You can download the pages from your newspaper’s AP Exchange account: Select the Graphics tab at the top of the home screen, and choose Sports Extra in the left navigation, under Sports, or enter “Sports Extra” into the keyword search box.

AP Sports Extra is produced throughout the year, previewing major sporting events. The next edition will preview the British Open golf tournament, July 14-17. The pages will be posted no later than the afternoon of Monday, July 11, but possibly sooner.

For more information and a full schedule of AP Sports Extra pages, see: AP Sports Extra.


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