AP sports agate changes coming

AP is preparing to change providers for many of its sports agate files starting May 1. Test files for some of the transitioned agate files will be available for your review via email in the coming week.

If you are interested in receiving, contact Customer Support at 877-836-9477 or apcustomersupport@ap.org. You will need to provide what format you currently get AP sports agate files.

While the effective change date is May 1, some files will be switched over before then. Some of the files not affected by the transition include TV SportsWatch, Transactions, Sports Odds and Horse Racing agate.

Also, as part of the transition, the following files will no longer be available after April 30:

  • BBO—Expanded Standings. Wide table that shows how each team has fared against each other team in its league. This should not be mistaken for BBO—Expanded Baseball Glance, which will continue to be delivered after April 30.
  • BBA—American League Team Comparison / BBN—National League Team Comparison. Wide table that lists each team’s record against each of its league’s divisions, left- or right-handed pitchers, grass or artificial turf, day or night games, and extra innings.
  • BBA—American League Streaks / BBN—National League Streaks. Stand-alone listing of streaks by league. Each team’s winning or losing streak will continue to be provided through BBO—Expanded Baseball Glance.

This transition is part of an ongoing effort to improve AP Sports offerings and likely will not be noticeable to most agate users. However, during the early weeks of the transition, it is possible some agate fixtures could be delayed and/or the formatting could be slightly different. We don’t anticipate this, but wanted you and your systems to be prepared for that possibility.

Most items will look the same or similar. We will provide additional details on any anticipated changes or fixture delays. Our goal is to make this transition as transparent as possible and communicate regularly through this advisory.

If you experience any issues, please immediately contact Customer Support at 877-836-9477 or apcustomersupport@ap.org.

AP also has been in communication with the following CMS providers about the AP sports agate transition and will be working with them to test the new files in the coming week:

  • APT
  • QuickWire
  • Merlin One
  • TownNews
  • CCI
  • NewsCycle Solutions
  • AnyGraaf
  • Avid
  • Eidos Media
  • ENPS
  • NewsEngin
  • Libercus
  • Miles33
  • NetStellar
  • Fingerpost

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