AP Sports Extra: 2016 Schedule

AP Sports Extra is expanding in the new year to include a Summer Olympics preview page that will be available 19 days before the opening ceremonies.2016 AP Sports Extra_12-18-15 - final This will give AP Sports subscribers a 12th edition of the product in 2016 and one that likely will be extremely popular among members, advertisers and readers.

Sports Extra is available to all AP member newspapers that receive full Member Choice Complete or the AP Sports Vertical. The pages are available in full broadsheet, half broadsheet and tab formats – in Adobe InDesign and PDF formats. There is an ad position at the bottom of the page.

The Sports Extra preview of the NFL playoffs is now available for use in advance of first playoff games set for Saturday, Jan. 9.

Here’s the full 2016 schedule:

Event                                    Release Date             Target publication

Super Bowl                            Feb 7                                     Jan 27

PGA Masters                         Apr 7–10                              Apr 4

NFL Draft                               Apr 28–30                           Apr 25

USGA US Open Golf             Jun 16–19                            Jun 13

British Open Golf                 Jul 14–17                              Jul 11

Summer Games                    Aug 5–21                              Jul 18

PGA Championship             Jul 28–31                              Jul 25

FBC Top 25 Poll Preview     Aug 20                                 Aug 20

NASCAR Cup Chase              TBD Sep–Nov                   Monday before first race

FBC Bowl Preview                Start Dec 17                         Dec 5

NFL Playoff Preview Start   Jan 7, 2017                          Jan 2, 2017



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