The Associated Press launches AP Content Services to help brands tell their stories

The Associated Press has established a new division to provide talent, technology and distribution to help brands promote their products and services through multiformat storytelling.

The new AP Contbrandent Services group offers end-to-end content creation and delivery solutions to increase brand awareness, enhance consumer engagement and drive sales and audience acquisition. AP Content Services is separate from the AP newsroom and the content created does not involve AP editorial staff.

Brands have worked with the award-winning AP Assignments photo and video team – also separate from the AP newsroom and news staff – for years and can now pursue content marketing initiatives with photographers, videographers and writers around the world to develop custom content and curate licensed content tailored to their messaging and audiences. Brands can also leverage AP’s network of direct-to-consumer advertising and social channels to distribute their content — locally or globally.

“Brands are increasingly looking for collaborators to develop creative and engaging stories that connect with their target audiences across platforms and markets,” said Joy Jones, vice president of products. “As the world’s leading content creator, AP has the expertise, global footprint and network to work with brands in creating and delivering top-rate content wherever and whenever they need.”

AP Content Services works with companies to identify their content creation and delivery goals, explore content options, design and execute campaigns, and measure success. Content Services also manages all logistics throughout the process — from securing photographers and video crews to editing, production and promotion.

For more information, visit  or contact Eva Parziale at


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