Use AP Exchange searches to create a feed of Presidential Primary content

American voters are as engaged as ever in politics and as fiercely partisan as any time in recent memory. That makes the 2016 presidential race a vital story for every news organization.

AP’s network of political reporters provides you with up-to-the minute coverage on the trending topics. Surfacing this valuable content in AP Exchange can be done with some simple searches:

Presidential Primary Searches

To sort presidential primary content by party, use the following searches:

  • slug=”DEM 2016”
  • slug=”GOP 2016”

When searching for a particular candidate, remember to put proper names in quote marks: “Rand Paul”

 Byline Searches

You also can search by an AP beat writers byline using the search:

  • Byline=”XXXX XXXXX”

Following is a list of editors and beat writers handling the political campaigns, subject to change as the campaigns evolve.


David Scott: Political Editor

Jesse Holland: Electorate/Voters

Josh Lederman: White House/Joe Biden

Lisa Lerer: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Julie Pace: White House Correspondent/National 2016

Steve Peoples: National GOP/Rand Paul/ Mike Huckabee/Rick Snyder

Emily Swanson: Polling

Ken Thomas: National Democrats (including Bernie Sanders/Jim Webb/Martin O’Malley/Lincoln Chafee)

Des Moines, Iowa: Tom Beaumont: Jeb Bush and Catherine Lucey: Iowa General Assignment/Rick Santorum

Newark, N.J.: Jill Colvin: Chris Christie/New York City 2016 General Assignment

Miami: Pending/Florida Political Reporter: Marco Rubio

Concord, N.H.: Kathleen Ronayne: New Hampshire General Assignment

Denver: Nicholas Riccardi: Economy/Nevada General Assignment

Atlanta: Bill Barrow: South Carolina GA/Road to 270/Ben Carson

Austin, Texas: Will Weissert: Ted Cruz/Rick Perry

Baton Rouge, La.: Melinda Deslatte: Bobby Jindal

Columbus, Ohio: Julie Carr Smyth: John Kasich

Madison, Wis.: Scott Bauer: Scott Walker


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