AP Photo Editing: Production System Changes

AP has begun the process of integrating a new photo editing and production system used by our Editorial staff to file photos.  We have minimized any changes in the photos that we deliver to you but have taken the opportunity to include additional metadata inside the JPG files.

Photos delivered from the new system can have more metadata inside the JPG files than we previously included. Specifically, the files may contain additional metadata within the IPTC, XMP and EXIF fields located inside the JPG files. These are important improvements that will permit you to see more original camera information about the photo (like aperture, shutter and ISO). These changes can result in new tags in the JPG that were not present before or different values for some of the previously existing tags.  There can also be differences in the XMP XML format stored inside the JPG.

AP wants to ensure that these changes do not cause problems for your photo ingestion processes and content management systems.

Below are Image ID’s for photos submitted on April 11 from our new photo production system, which, you may use to confirm compatibility with your CMS systems.

ItemId                                                          FriendlyKey         Transref        Title

2b238432185c4c25a24834fc87971cf5   16102665844570     ERA108           Brazil Political Crisis

fd62fe8695114633bea4fb3b22acc27c    16102516912642     NYRD106         Financial Markets

36fbe5f5ae3f426196f228832ff62c21     16102585483900     NYML102         FIFA Investigation

50a74442ffc547d5998a871255b964fc   16102638134677     LA102               Sister Wives

6f46032e8a384e79bd96228dc9e87b28 16102659133350     MICO102          Carl Levin Ship

325c7704d4994ad19159bcc9d48f39a2  16102634491930     MOOW106        APTOPIX Jordan

1a49c74472f640ba9d67d7412f258cb2   16099706188716     MERB202         European Lobster

If you encounter any problems with ingesting these photos, or reading the metadata within these photos, please contact Customer Support.


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